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Verdant Enterprises

Welcome to Verdant Enterprises

If there is a will there is a way,” said the pencil and turned into a Herb. It might sound funny but it is real-an ecofriendly, recycled, handmade Plantable Pencil by the Indian Start-up Verdant Enterprises. Here, we give you the pencil that want to grow after it becomes useless.

These pencils can be sharpened like normal pencils but the extraordinary difference is it can grow A innovative gift for schools, events, corporates, etc..



Welcome to Verdant Enterprises

Presenting Handmade Diaries -A ecofriendly gift to express a sense of gratitude and belongingness with you loved ones.

Can be used to express notes, memories, special moments or travel-blogs.



Welcome to Verdant Enterprises

Notepads, Invitation Cards, Book-Marks, thank you Cards, Reply Cards, tags and many more available on floral or seed paper. Plantable biodegradable eco paper made with recycled materials and is embedded with seeds.

Paper can be planted, the seeds grow and the paper composts.



Welcome to Verdant Enterprises
Mandala Art on Recycled Handmade Paper Sketch Book. Magic touch of nature’s art, healing the earth, smiling on the silent sea, bade the frozen steams free, making the mountains breathe by passing the message of reusing recycling and saving the treasure for future generation.
Music of fountains, silence of wild wood, knocks every visitor to listen to earth’s soul to save the environment and natural resources.



Paper And Cards

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Memories are the diary that we all carry with us.


let's grow plants with our writing tools.

Cooperate Gifts

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" When your soul is looking for you, 'Light a candle on its path"

Jute Products

Natural Fibre Sustainable Products


Please grow after use
Welcome to Verdant Enterprises

It's time to go green

Eco-Friendly Products India

We are fabricating enchanted paper. It is pulchritudinous for stationary, craft, painting and printing. Recycled Products costs you a little penny but it costs absolutely nothing to the environment. It is waste free and is made of eco-friendly materials. These recycled products use 20% of processed, degraded and de-structured plastic waste from nature that is mixed with 80% of cotton rags.

Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free Products Manufacturers and Suppliers

We all use products in our daily lives. It's useful for both children and adults. There are many types of stationery products that we use, including journals, notebooks, pencils, pens. Verdant Enterprises is proud to have zero waste sustainable products. We have a mission: to make sure that more people use eco-friendly plastic free products instead of the non-degradable and plastic ones that are contaminating our environment.

Plastic Free,Biodegradable products India

Verdant Enterprises mission is to make your life, and that of your loved ones, eco-friendly, stress-free, and free from waste. Most of the stationery is made out of plastic, which can take more than 1000 years for it to degrade. This is not only harmful for us, but also for the environment. Our products include diaries, seed pencils and recycled paper pens. We also offer stationery gift sets and recycled postcards. These products are made from materials such as CSR certified papers, recycled cotton, paper, stationery gift sets, recycled postcards, etc. They also contain no lead or PVC.

Prohibiting non-biodegradable products

We offer eco-friendly products online in India. We also stock items to provide homes and organizations with a large selection. This company aims to ban the use of non-biodegradable items that cause great harm to the environment when disposed. Customers can inquire about the availability of Eco-friendly products online India. They can also check the item availability and place orders for delivery. We have made significant changes to the way people think. This store allows customers to support this initiative by buying recycled products online in India.

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