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Plantable Color Lead Pencil


Plantable Seed Pencil :- Eco-friendly Color Lead Pencil
Material :-Recycled Paper
Style :- Newspaper Color Lead Pencil
Packaging :- Kraft paper box (Square(10) \ Round (10) \ Square(5) )
Box :- Pack of 10 Color lead pencils
Plantable :- 10 different seeds

How to Use
Sharp the pencil using regular sharpener and grow the pencil when it is too short to be used
use and grow – plant the pencil bottom with the seed into 1 -inch deep soil. the biodegradable capsule holding seeds shall degrade itself within 2-3 days in the soil. seed will begin to grow, take proper care, give water and keep the pot in the sunlight

Square(10) Round (10) Rectangle (5)



A sketching or writing instrument also known as a “Little Tail” in French, as a artist fine brush of camel hair in middle Ages.

One can decorate and make things a memento by using these “little tails”



Weight 0.080 oz
Dimensions 7.2 × 1 × 18.2 in

Square(10), Round (10), Rectangle (5)


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